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Founder and Executive Director: 

ELVIS BOGONKO  is the Founder and Executive Director for Jambo Charity Organization,a Kenyan and Non-Profit Organization that was created as an initiative to combat poverty in Kenya through access to education, skills training and sustainable development. The goal is to directly impact and supporting the lives of the children, families and whole communities to have the independent power to move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunities.

Elvis is a creative writer, fund-raiser who have  fund-raising with both government agencies and NGOs ,volunteer and donor who always gives back  to non-profit organization he has made an habit of volunteering and his work have been featured in International news papers including Hoje News and CIDADE News all from Brazil.

He is wholeheartedly dedicated to the eradication of poverty and oppression of all kinds through education in Kenya. He settles for nothing less than equity.

Ambassadors History

In the year 2008,Elvis Bogonko Ongera,the Founder and Executive Director of  Jambo Charity in his volunteer mission started while he was in  high school teen years. He volunteered with Kenya Red Cross in blood donation and he considered donating blood was saving others lives.

In 1st January 2012 he started Jambo Charity because he had an idea and the idea was to change the realities for Kenya.

Every child in this world has a right to good food, safe drinking water, shelter, clothing, health care and education. It is regrettable that the majority of children in developing countries lack most of the above, if not all. Some go without a meal for days on end, while others live in slums where healthcare is unheard of, hence exposing them to a lot of health hazards. No person, let alone a child should be forced to live in these conditions.

The Kenyan child is not exception from the above cases, especially with;

The high level of HIV/AIDS related cases resulting in young children being left in there care of the aged population, who are unable to look after them.

The High levels of poverty with nearly 7.5 million people (1/4 of the population) still live less than one dollar a day. This has resulted in high numbers of;Malnutition,illiteracy,street families, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, child abuse ,explotaion, neglect and abandonment and, early death from preventable diseases, such as malaria, cholera, TB, typhoid and measles.

The average life expectancy in Kenya is only 53 years old. This made Elvis Bogonko Ongera, Founder and Executive Director to start Jambo Charity Organization. It is projects have been design to create sustainable development to the communities we support in Kenya concerning our areas.

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