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Know what has been said and written about Jambo Charity Organization

We have visited a School close to Nairobi with our partnered NGO Jambo Charity Organization to understand the need. Soon VChangeU would like to extend our support to Jambo Charity in providing the kids the required attention, life skills, and education so they can build a future free from the injustice of poverty. Thanks to Elvis Bogonko Douglas Ochogo Mounde and his team for keeping the hope alive. - Vijay Bhasker, VChangeU.

’’Elvis,God Bless Jambo Charity Organization and all of those who partner with you’’Leslie Moore, Moore Kids Books.

‘’One of the world’s greatest places, full of Smart kids. The Jambo Charity Organization in Nairobi,Kenya’’ Craig .T. Bourchard.

‘’Reading & dreaming, learning & leading, creating & achieving - Jambo Charity personifies the cornerstones of K is for Kids Foundation & helping children of all ages. Please if you are reading this support the children of J.C. by following Craig's lead and donating books for these eager young readers.’’ Karen D Clawson, Founder and Executive Director of K is For Kids Foundation.

"To all  the wonderful imaginative children at the Jambo Charity Organization in Nairobi-Knowing you will think of MANY wonderful things to do with a Paleta,a book,of a promising life!Love," Carmen Tafolla-2015.

"’To my friend,Elvis, and all the children of Africa. For a better world, with no hunger,poverty,justice,and a world that ensures the right to education, for everyone" Shirley Fonseca.

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