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We coundn’t have gone this far without the help and generosity of all our donors who supported and trusted us.

Thank you so much for being part of us. 
K is For Kids Foundation
Trees For Life
Books For Life
Moore Kids Books
REciclei  and REcicleo
The Literacy Project
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"Entrepreneurship and innovation in tourism“
                                                                 "THE BRIDGE LABEL“

 The Bridge label is an „human qualities“ mark, a chance to add the „feel good factor“ to a resort, touristic destination or company, by  offering costumers,visiters and guests a chance to participate in a good cause, by simply choosing the destination with „The Bridge Label“. This label would be put in front of campaigns and commercial spots, saying to the visitor :
„Look if you stay in our hotel resort, you will not just have a great vacation, but in this spezial part of the year, we will give an amount of your spended money in our resort, to an benefiting cause!“

Give people an chance, to do a good and benefiting cause, by  accepting an vacation in your hotels. I urge you, don't underestimate the drive in people for humanity!

Let's say we have two similar touristic resorts, same price, same level of luxury, but one of them has the „feel good factor“, the chance for the tourist to participate, simply by choosing YOUR hotel with „The Bridge Label.“

What do you think which resort, the majority of guests would  choose?

The Bridge Label will increase the income for the resort, position the hotels, resorts on a „human friendly“map and do a good cause for the less fortunate. A win-win situation is created.

Even countrys can thru a good and connected promotion,thru touristic offer with „The Bridge Label“ get an „Human-friendly“ image...and by the end of the day, it would actually be truth.

So, is there a better way to create an mindeset . „Entrepreneurs as heroes“ ,other then  doing the job and saving lives, along the way. Combating poverty, thru the struggle for a better reception of new ideas in tourism, can be the new brand of the future.

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